This is my show dog, He ll Has No Fury Like Yuri! She's a Plott Hound.
  1. Yuri after 2 weeks of a new muscle gain tecnuiq (attached her to my scooter and had her pull me on it. Never push her too hard, though.)
  2. Yuri thinks hats are back in style.
  3. This is Yuri. Yuri is a happy dogz.
  4. Hello Mom!
  5. Oh I'm so happy! Snow!
  6. Is that a dog over there?
  7. Listening for the neighbor's hound....
  8. Alright, fun's over, I'm bored!
  9. A bird?
  10. A badly stacked Yuri- we were rushing to get the picture
  11. Go go go!
  12. Consintration...
  13. Yuri on her show bench!
  14. This is Yuri (A.K.A Bubby) looking for the camera!
  15. Come on! Let's go!
  16. Why must you wake me?
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