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  1. Do you want to be a breeder?
  2. OMG! UNBELIEVABLE anti-spay and neuter site
  3. What is WRONG with some people? Why P-I-M-P out your dog?
  4. Breeding Purebreds But Finding People Wanting Designed Breeds
  5. The Backyard Breeders' and Puppy Millers' Big Book of Old Excuses
  6. **PLEASE READ Before Posting Here**
  7. What about education?
  8. Faults and Merits in Your breeding program.
  9. How do you choose a stud dog?
  10. Debate Thread - Only Show Dogs allowed to breed
  11. Breed Standards in review
  12. What does "Breeding to Better the Breed" Mean to You?
  13. Breeding My Girl
  14. The Importance of Pedigrees in Breeding.
  15. Breeding your Stud Dog Before 2 Years Old
  16. When too old to breed??
  17. couriousity wolf hybrids
  18. Stud question
  19. calling all "professional" breeders
  20. Champion - Int. Champion.
  21. mixed breeding
  22. So, what is "unethical" anyway.
  23. Rather Impressed at the level of love people put into their breedings...
  24. How to stop overpopulation?
  25. The Caine Diversity Project
  26. Accountability and Responsibility in Breeding
  27. Types of Breeders
  28. is there ever any reason to breed a "flawed" dog
  29. Breeding rant!
  30. Idiot Breeding Wolf Hybrids
  31. Very interesting Seminar *A must read*
  32. are teacups healthy?
  33. Breeding programme - opinions?
  34. Soooooo mad!!!!!!
  35. These Types of ppl need to be stopped
  36. Before you breed, rescue.
  37. More of THOSE types of people-Boxer
  38. I Really Wanted A Jack Russell Terrier
  39. neutered or not?
  40. What to say to friend. Buying "Hybrid"
  41. spaying/neutering show dogs
  42. Kennel Name???
  43. Interesting phone call
  44. Unusual markings on my new puppy
  45. Poll For Breeders
  46. Spay Day USA
  47. Rotti For Stud??
  48. Just an Announcement
  49. I think I just puked...............
  50. I want a puppy, but where do I begin?
  51. silver labs
  52. Any Mastiff owners out there?
  53. Free Pups
  54. Could have at least taken the dogs out of the cages
  55. The Breeders Code Of Silence
  56. German Shepherd People, VERY IMPORTANT
  57. Life Time Commitment
  58. Spay And Neuter
  59. Calling Breeders... do you...?
  60. Great reading for breeders and anyone else,have a look!!!
  61. When to take puppy away from mom
  62. A short Interview / Article
  63. I am sad to announce....
  64. And now another question
  65. Itailian Greyhound litter! (pic added)..... UPDATE (more new pics)
  66. AKC plus Purebred equals????
  67. Why would people do this?
  68. What would you do if you rescued...
  69. Mixed or Pure Bread?
  70. Can anyone help??
  71. public genetic info databases on studs and bitches
  72. check out what California is trying to pass
  73. Breeding welfare purebred/hybrid
  74. Never seen this before...
  75. puppy packs
  76. Look how different these JRT pups look!
  77. Breeders vs BYB Breeders
  78. early spay/neuter info
  79. Byb
  80. Do you breed on prelims??
  81. late season
  82. Zorro will not be used for stud.
  83. Would you take it??
  84. Chihuahua Heat Started
  85. Breeders I Need Advice Please
  86. Leos Story......Website
  87. Weaning...
  88. Linebreeding
  89. Breeding ages for dogs
  90. Could he be wanting a female companion?
  91. When does a mixed breed become welcome in the ring ?
  92. pregnant chihuahua
  93. Breeding Labs - hip scores
  94. Chihuahua Puppies due July 1 2007
  95. Had to bite my tongue...
  96. What to do if already bred!
  97. CKC Breedings
  98. Hmmm... Genetics/Traits? A few Q's.
  99. Abortion - is it wrong? In dogs.
  100. Showing pregnant dogs in conformation
  101. How many OFA....
  102. Adopting puppies question
  103. Stud Semen
  104. Anyone NOT interested in breeding
  105. Uma will not be bred
  106. Ages for breeding
  107. Doggie testosterone?
  108. *** Debate topic - Buyers or Adopters***
  109. Attention Professional Breeders
  110. How much info can you ask a breeder?
  111. Breeding and hips
  112. Would you rather...
  113. I am speechless
  114. The importance of health tests
  115. What if ?
  116. Gross me out.
  117. Shipping Semen across the border
  118. The PRO & CON of co-ownership?.Yr opinion!
  119. We met two more English Mastiffs tonight
  120. color genetic question
  121. Breeding working with show lines - what do you think?
  122. Just One Litter....
  123. Breeder Question: Would You....
  124. What would you do with this pup?
  125. Stupid person rant