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  1. Friends, Groups, and so on

    I have a few "friends" and "groups" invitations hanging out there in the wind that I haven't replied to because I don't want to appear nasty, or unfriendly, and most certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. If you are one of those people I haven't replied to it is in no way, shape, or form anything personal at all. In fact it pains me to have to type these words because I just know that someone is going to think "hmmmph- fine" and be offended. That is most certainly ...
  2. Today is Meisti-is-black day

    Yesterday, I "learned" in a post that whether a person is "black" or not is not necessarily determined by the color of his or her skin.

    I also "learned" that how a person identifies themselves is much more important than how others see that person (still talking about black, white, red, yellow, etc).

    Consequently, it should be no problem to identify myself as a Black Man (at least for the time being) - and I am proud of it. It's how I see ...

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  3. Have Fleas Got Your Dog?

    by JoAnne Mattingly
    Fall is the flea season and if you have not been able to keep up with the problem it will only get worse as the weather gets cooler and wetter. The little buggers (the fleas) sense this is their last chance in the “circle of life” and will go for broke on your pooch if you don’t act quickly.

    First step is to bathe Fido. Please use an organic, pesticide free shampoo you can purchase at a good pet store. A citrus based shampoo is perfect. Shampoos ...