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  1. That's wonderful! She looks like a great dog!
  2. My avatar has the picture of Lady a Field Pointer. She was my foster dog that was on death's door from medical conditions and neglect and through a lot of hard work by me and the rescue orgnanzation she did a complete turnaround. She turned out to be one incredible hunting dog and had the perfect pointer stance. When she became eligible for adoption it became national and we had all sorts of adoption inquiry. We did adopt her to a family that hunts and also had a Field Pointer. Their Field Pointer wasn't too good at hunting so Lady was to become a mentor. A very successful adoption and a memory I will always cherish.
  3. Sorry, He ll has no Fury Like Yuri!
  4. Do you own a Pointer? (Sorry can't see the avatar pic very well!) If so, that's cool! I love Pointers! (And all other hunting breeds!) I own a Plott Hound, show champion and hunter. Her show name is **** Has no Fury Like Yuri (Yuri.) But that couldn't be farther from the truth! She's the sweetest dog I've ever known, and my heart dog!
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