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Thread: Aussie Carin Tirrier mix

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    im getting a Carin Tirrier Aussie mix named Mocha he'ss be 6-7 weeks old when i get him i dont know what kinda brushes or shampoo to use he'll be a wire hair pooch i think any tips? and any tips on when to start potty training him?

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    Here is alot of information for you and your new Cairn Terrier. I hope this helps you out.

    The Cairn Terrier is an engaging creature, usally blessed with a fascinating character. Coming from the Highlands of Scotland, he is one of a group of breeds that are small in stature, large in heart. He stands at mere 31 cm (12˝ un). His coat, which is harsh and weatherproof, can be anything from cream, through red or grey to almost black. The essentail feature is that it should end up looking shaggy even after grooming. His prick ears atop a small sharp-featured head give him a look of alert gameness, which is absolutely justified. He bustles everywhere at great pace, tending ti catch unawares any small rodents that he chases. He is a tireless fellow, with an impressively sharp voice, who delights in accompanying his human family, be it on a country walk or a shopping foray. He lives a long life, eats whatever he is offered and has a disposition that combines a devil-may-care attitude with a great love of people.

    Size: small
    28-31 cm
    (11-12˝ in),
    6-7.5 kg (13-16 lb)
    Grooming: medium
    Exercise: reasonable
    Feeding: small
    Temperament: fearless
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