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Thread: Anone Know what I can do

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    HI all im new to this so bare with me I have A queston for anone who can help or give some insite here. Cuddles my tiny schauzer has this game to her its A game to me its getting very furesting She likes to play get my chewey or bone at night when you are relexed she will look at the shelf or dresser where you have A bone or chewey and staire you ignore her then she barks so you get up give her her bone or chewey and 1 or 2 things happen she will take it and put in the bed for saf keeping I guess or her newest game push it back to momma then I say fine you dont want so I put it away in A diffrent spot but she gose back to where it was and starts barking agan so you get up agan and say no more all gone wich she dose understand I put her back in bed and she gets down and starts up agan this as you can see is reall getting fustring Help.

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    One, you shouldn't give him a treat at all when he is acting naughty like that. Two, try saying no and get him to calm down. Three, try and set his mind on something different to chew like a toy for instance. Four, so he dosn't hide it somewhere, keep watch of him and he probably won't try to do that. Keep me updated on his progress. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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