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Thread: Shelter dogs are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Shelter dogs are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We got our present dog from the dog pound. We had to get rid of our "crazy lab" because she kept climbing our fence, digging under the fence, chasing cars, etc. The only way we could keep her was keep her on a choker chain which wasn't nice. She would howl when it stormed. My dad put her in our laundry room and she wrecked our washing machine by running into it and ripping the molding in the room. We were on vacation and my dad didn't want the dog to go to the pound so he said he would watch it. Sad to say we had to put her up for adoption. A man who said that he lived in the country and knew how to handle these labs took her. He even left his phone number in case we wanted to visit. My husband was so mad at that dog that he threw the phone number away. I wish he hadn't. Of course he know me. I would have probably gone back to visit. Anyway, we decided to the shelter (the lab came from someone in town) and see what they had. They had a sticker by our dog that we saw the day before. We thought she was taken. No, her time was up but the shelter people liked her. Well, we have had her for thirteen years. She has been the best dog. She has traveled with us, been a good companion, etc. One day (years later), I wrote the shelter and told them what became of her. Of course maybe noone was there that knew her but they wrote me back and thanked me for writing. I planned on getting our next dog from a shelter also but my daughter's boyfriend's dog had puppies and guess what? We are taking the girl. I think a shelter is great.

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    Ooops. I reread my post and correction "my dad did not want the dog to go to the kennel not the pound".

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