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Thread: when is a dog too young to have puppies? Help!

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    I have a Pekingese that is 8 months old (Ginger). When I realized she was in heat I called the vet. He said, "Keep her seperated, she's too young and it might would kill her." Apparently, it was too late! Her boobies are swelling, she's sleeping more than usual. Could it be hormonal changes? or have I really got a mess? What would you do if she were yours? She's my little angel I can't let her just carry them and see what happens. P.S. If anything did get to her it was another registered Pekingese.

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    How long ago was she on heat? You can get a blood test done to confirm pregnancy, just because her teats are down it does'nt necessarily mean she is pregnant. I would go to the vets, explain that you were unaware of the heat cycles, and that after speaking with him last you separated them but it must have been too late, I'm sure he will understand, he will then be able to advise you on the best course to go.

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    8 months is very young however dont be fooled by what may well be a psuedo(false) pregnancy as this is something many dogs go through after a heat during which they are not mated. I would take the dog straight to the vet and get their opinion as ellierat suggested.
    general guidelines are that a dog shouldnt have puppies before 2 years of age, 18 months at the very earliest.
    If you want something done ask a busy person to do it.

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