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    Hi everyone, this is my first posting. I am the proud owner of Watson and Buddy my chihuahua's, and Bruno who is a mix between a great dane, and giant schnauzer. I am a dog groomer, and have been for 23yrs. I have also worked with veterinarians, and I'm a cruelty agent for our local humane society. I've enjoyed reading the postings and hope to give some imput in the future.


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    Hello and welcome. I have been here for a while and the people here are wonderful and very helpful. I can't wait to hear more about you crew. I have a rescued fighting dog who is 10 and she is a doberman/pit bull mix and we also have my service dog in training pup. She is only 4 months old and is a white german shepherd. Anyway agian welcome.
    Nicole & Sheena

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