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Thread: My puppy`s first period

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    Unhappy My puppy`s first period

    Hi everybody. This is my first post and i have no experience with female puppies. Anyway, my 5 months 20 days old Siberian Husky puppy seems like she got her first period. I was trying to clean her with baby wipes then saw the blood and i got scared! Is this normal or can it be something else other than period? I thought she was a baby. This is kinda weird. I am sorry if i sound stupid. Thanks for your help.

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    It's very normal and it usually happens around 6 months!
    It sounds like she is in heat (not anything else) and you will need to keep her away from all male dogs for 3 weeks so that she doesn't get pregnant.

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    Thanks alot. Now i feel better. I will try to show her more care

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    Make sure you keep her away from males.. She is way to young to have puppies?

    Are you planning on breeding her in the future? If not, after this heat, why dont you get her spayed?

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    I am planning on breeding her after getting her hips checked. (probably when she is around 2 years old). My husband and I are planning on getting a male husky next year. So i do not want her to get spayed.

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    Not to be disrespectful, but...if you are unsure of your dogs first heat cycle, and what to do about it, what makes you think you are ready to breed? You did say you have no experience with female puippies
    Breeding is a HUGE responsibility, more then just putting 2 dogs together.

    Please dont feel as if I am attackiing you.

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    General Information

    Estrus ("heat") is the mating period of female animals. When estrus occurs, animals are said to be "in heat" or "in season." Dogs generally have their first estrous cycle at 6-12 months of age. Some females of the large breeds, however, may not have their first estrus until they are 12-24 months of age.

    The complete cycle takes about 6 months, resulting in 2 estrous periods each year. Individual variation occurs, but a given female's pattern tends to be repeated regularly.

    The estrous cycle can be divided into 4 stages:

    1. Proestrus: This stage begins with the appearance of vaginal bleeding. It normally lasts from 4 to 9 days. Male dogs become very interested in the female; however, she will not yet mate with them.

    2. Estrus: This is the stage in which the female will accept the male and conception can occur. The vaginal discharge is more yellowish than bloody. Ordinarily, the stage lasts for 4 to 13 days. Your female will stand still and hold her tail to the side when you touch her back or a male dog tries to mount.

    3. and 4. Metestrus and anestrus: These 2 stages are periods of ovarian activity, but with no significant outward signs. False pregnancies frequently occur during metestrus.

    Some Important Points

    * You should consider your pet to be "in season" for 21 days: 7 days coming into heat, 7 days in heat, 7 days going out. Though conception is most likely during the middle 7 days, Mother Nature doesn't always follow the rules. Confine your pet for the entire 3 weeks.

    * Remember that the above information is general. Not all females follow these patterns. Consult with the doctor if your pet does not seem typical. Sometimes, cycling problems can be an early warning of more serious problems, and the sooner they are dealt with, the better.



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    you said your self that you dont know much about female dogs this is not a good start to wanting to breed, i sugest you find out a lot more about the bitch before you even consider breeding there a lot of books out there that are just about feamale dogs.

    there is a lot to consider before breeding, your dogs both the dog and bitch has to of proven its self in the show ring, as well as been temperment checkecd and passed all revelent health checks, if you can say yes to all of this, then find a breeder to help and be your mentor, then you need to consider tha time and cost involved

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    I am sorry I don;t mean to be rude or anything - just the fact that you called it a period means that you don't have enough knowledge or experience to be breeding.
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