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Thread: Grandpa Chuck

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    Grandpa Chuck

    My grandpa passed away a few months ago. I can finally post something without all tearin up. I just want him to know how much I loved him, and my other grandpa who I never met. They are not dog

    Grandpa Chuck- When I heard the news, as my mom told me on the phone, I though no very sad emotion came to me, I think I was confused. I knew I had tons to do that night. So I knew I couldnt just lay it off, I did what I needed to finish that night. I thought and thought.

    The next morning we went to see Grandma, on the way there, I had to cry. This was very wierd for me. I got to see grandma, and was glad I did. She seemed differnt.

    We visited and talked and planned. I wish I knew you more. I knew everyone in town just loved you, and you educated alot of people. ALOT of people, lol.

    Ugg... I couldnt view you at the viewing. I knew you are at peace where you are, in heaven. LOL, and Grandma discoverd she was 70, not 68. She gained 2 years in about 5 mins.

    The funeral was sure nice. The pastor was so nice! He knew I was so sad about this. The church was also beautiful. Daddy also told me the story of the dorito chip, and the one about the plane.

    Now I have not Grand fathers. Tell Grandpa Jack that I wish I could have met him. Though I never me him, I love him too. You two are both with god now.

    I LOVE YOU LOTS Grandpa Chuck!!!

    Grandpa Jack - I also love you though I dont know much of who you are. Sacramento has changed lots since you were mayor there. It is so big, you probaly know that. It has houses everywhere now!

    Ma took me to sacramento the other day, because I needed to pick up some rabbits. Well, where one of the rabbit people lived, was about 3 house down where Ma and my dad got married. I also found out where her dentist was, and where grandma jack took her to go get candy and the differnt stores.

    She showed me where her and my dad met. Quite some funny storys. Very funny ones accually.

    With all my heart,
    "Everyday I want to try something I have never tried, go somewhere I have never gone, create something I could only dream of, and learn something I never knew." -Audrey Kitching

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    Aw I'm so sorry Chigirl! We never knew and you must have been really sad that day Both your grandpas sound so wonderful I would have loved to meet them myself! You're so sweet chigirl! That's why we all love you so
    The World is a Book. Those who do not travel read only a page.

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    That was a nice memorial Chigirl, your grandpas would be proud of you. Just remember they are always there.

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    Chi Girl what a sweet, darling and caring young girl you are. It hurts alot to not see
    the ones you love but that hurt will in time turn to wonderful memories of your
    Grandpa Chuck and it will be easier. He is at peace and I'm sure God is taking good
    care of him and he is getting his reward for being such a wonderful person.
    RIP my angel Crystal
    "Good is not good where better is expected" by Thomas Fuller

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    That was a beautiful letter you wrote. I loved reading it--thanks for sharing it here.
    Dash Jan 28/05-Oct 08/10

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    Awe i'm sorry about you loss! *hugs*
    Smile, your dog loves you

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    chi you are so sweet. I know they would be proud of you. lots of hugs coming your way. It is soo hard to loose the ones you love. I know how ya feel about your grandpa you never got to meet. I had a grandma and grandpa I never got to meet. I grew up hearing about them though and I love them very much.
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    That is a wonderful letter! I'm really sorry for your loss, but I agree they will always be with you!

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