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Thread: Welsh terrier skin problems help needed.

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    Hes an older dog, over the past year his skin condition has worsened,
    It started with a slight flea infestation after that was dealt with he still continued
    To bite scratch and lick.
    Weve taken him to the vet may times, we been given various products galore hes had skin samples taken to establish if he has skin allergies.
    In recent weeks he was put on noroclav and given anti fungal and anti bacterial shampoo. Alas this problem remains and have lost all faith in the veterinariany profession it seems like throwing money into a bottomless pit without results.
    We would love to hear from anyone who had similar problems and possible remedies.

    Thanks so much .


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    Hi there..It does sound like your dog has an allergy or allergies. Dog's allergies manifest through their skin. I would keep trying to isolate the source wether it be environment or food, or ?. I've had similar problems with my dog, and I've used Rio Vista's D-Limonene Spray to help soothe the skin relieve some of the symptoms. I've also used their D-limonene shampoo. Good luck...keep us posted...
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    Allergies are very frustrating as there are many different causes.... food,grasses,mites,fleas,airborne etc.
    Pennyroyal Shampoo is great for repelling fleas.
    Tee tree products are generly good antiseptics
    Red meat tends to agrivate the itchyness. The best diet I've found is one I make my self...
    1/3 cooked rice, 2/3 raw vegetables, 3/3 raw chicken meat also add omega 3 & 6 oils and vitamin supplements. My dog loves it!!
    Do not use potato, onion, beetroot. I use sweet potao, brocoli, cauliflower,alfal speouts, zuchinni, parsnip, small amount of carrot. I get minced chicken necks from a pet food surplier.

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