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    I Have a little 4 lbs. 10 year old Yorkie and she has been shaking time to time. Does anyone have an idea why she would shake for little bit than it goes away and comesback. We got her checked for full blood work and nothing was found. Thanks

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    problems with rhythmic movements usually suggest neural problems within the basal ganglia of the central nervous system. This is more common in older dogs but can occur in any dog.
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    Dear Kayhan:

    Skaking is a common owner complaint I commonly encounter from owners of senoir toy breed dogs. Often, there is ultimately no medical explanation for the shaking as in your dog's case, leaving the owners without definative answers and frustrated.

    When no medical explanation is discovered, my opinion is that the cause for the shaking may be from the dog experiencing anxiety or fear secondary to old age. As the five senses and cognitive function deteriorate due to normal age related change, the dog finds itself less alert to its environment, and having decreased ability to react. As a result, the dog may be anxious or fearful. This is especially true for toy breed dogs, which as a general rule, are more "wound up" and sensitive to stress than larger dogs.

    If its any consulation, one of my many dogs is a 9 year old seven pound yorkie that periodically exhibits the identical signs as what you described for your dog. In his case, however, the start of his shaking episodes coincided with increased dog aggression, as well as a tendency to defacate in the house. His shaking coinciding with these other behavioral quirks in my mind provides further confirmation of my theory that it is likely a behavioral disorder as well; brought on by anxiety.

    Before assuming that the problem is behavioral, check with your vet if the bloodwork run included a thyroid hormone level. I have seen some dogs with the "shakes" that were hypothyroid (insufficient thyroid hormone). Hypothyroidism lowers that core body temperature and will cause the dog to shake from feeling cold.

    Best of luck to you. If you are interested, please visit my veterinary advice and health management web site at the web address below.


    Roger L. Welton, DVM
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    I've also seen that the dog is just plain cold. As they get older, it is more difficult for them to keep themselves warm. Particularly with one that small.

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    My sister-in-law has a baby & I used to have one as a child. He would shake & I think it was just because he was cold sometimes. It's probably nothing to worry about.
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