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Thread: Best time to breed my lab??????

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    Best time to breed my lab??????

    Hi-I am new to this sight,I have a Choc.Lab she is 14 months old.She came into season and I do want to breed her one time,Can this be done at 14 months??I will do whats best for her,but,the mess she is making is hard to handle and would like to breed her and than have her spayed,we want to keep one of her babies!Thanks for any help,Breann

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    Hips, elbows you cant have this done before 2yrs. I wouldnt breed her till she was over 2 years and passes her health tests. make sure you have done your home work on breeding and know what can happen.
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    Well.. based on your questions.. you need to educate yourself first. The stage of her cycle you are describing is not the time you breed a bitch. I wouldn't recommend breeding unless you are FULLY prepared. Mentally prepared, financially prepared, educationally prepared, homes prepared for the puppies, a stud prepared, etc etc.
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    First off, good for you for educating yourself first!

    Health clearances are definitely a must. You don't want to be selling unhealthy puppies.

    14 months is too young. You have to wait for two years of age to health check her hips. If all looks well, then perhaps you could be one step closer to breeding.

    I must urge you to seriously consider why you want to breed her. Visit a conformation show and talk to people. Does your dog look similar to the dogs in the show ring? Besides being a good pet, what other good things could she pass onto her puppies? Does she learn quickly? Is she trained to do anything?

    You have to consider her temperment as well. Has she ever shown aggression? Is she pushy? You want to breed a dog with a good temperment.

    You said you were going to keep one puppy, but you must consider the other puppies as well. Do you have homes lined up for them already? How much will you sell them for? At what time do you plan on selling them? (Six weeks is really much too early. Waiting until 8 weeks is probably much better.) Selling puppies on contracts is a very smart idea. Some contracts state the puppies must be spay/nuetered(unless otherwise given permission by the breeder to stay intact.) by the age of 12 months. Also, stating in the contract that if the owners want to get rid of the puppy, it MUST go back to you, is a very smart idea. There are alot of owners out there that are very quick to just dump their dogs in a shelter, and with all the hard work of breeding that puppy and raising it for 8 weeks, you don't want it to end up killed in a shelter.

    Lastly, because of the dog overpopulation, I strongly urge you to reconsider. There are so many wonderful dogs all ready that need help and homes that are in shelters and rescues. Giving one of these dogs a home is such a rewarding experience. Do you really need one of her puppies?

    I'm sorry if I come off as pushy, but breeding is a huge responsibility.

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    I replied to your same thread in the General Dog Chat --please read my response as well.
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    Hi breann and welcome to the forum, I would just like to ask is you dog, show, working or a pet, i would love to see some pictures of her!!
    As to regards to you wanting to breed your lab girl Everyone has given you good advice, but first you must get all your health screening done, eye test, hips scored ect, and if she passes then great, but believe me breeding is hard work, very expensive and a huge responsibility, if you are just wanting a second pet I would find a good breeder in your area and let them do all the hard work, hope this helps
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    I do believe we are preparred,We are in our late 40's this was a very large decission to make-as we have our son's at home yet with their 2 pet's,which they will take when leaving home,their pet's are spayed.My husband and I have talked about this for over a year,it's not a fast thought on our behalves,we are financially prepared for vet bills,supplies and puppy birth!Our Choc.lab is very smart,obidient,good temperment,gentle,that's why we will keep one of her pup's.We have a mate picked out,we have been around him on several occasions.We have had people interested in the pup's,if we have some,the prices here range between $350-$500.I have also recieved the pedigree blood line to have before breeding,so we have done some homework!We only want her to have 1 litter,then have her spayed.I do believe we are pretty much preparred for this wonderfull experience,but it seems from other places I have read it is best to wait after age 2,Thanks,BREANN

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    she can not be certified free of hip dysplasa until she reaches 24 months.
    You also need to know her lines and what you need to improve them.
    Even is you are not showing you need to breed the best and healthiest dog you can.
    Go on and do a search for Labs,and find out what they need to be tested on.
    Most breeds it is hips,and eyes for sure.Others are doing elbows and hearts.



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    Hi-Thanks for the warm welcome-My choc.lab is BREANN,she is my best friend,as a pet-no show's ,etc...I had posted on dog chat forum first before finding this breeding forum,[my mistake!sorry]My son got her for me as a X-mas gift last year,as I had a yorkie that had been put down after 15 wonderfull years,I was heart sick along time!!!!!Breann has been my best friend,we just love her,we really treat her like a person,if you understand what I mean?She is spoiled from the start!!!!She is 14 months old and sleeps in our bed,she is 71 lbs,I would love to show pictures I am not sure how to do this yet as I am new to the computer and to this site also!!!I guess I opened a can of worms,asking to breed her at 14 months,I will wait for her next heat in July,I have done some homework if you look at the dog chat forum-I just was not sure about the age-BREANN

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