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Thread: NEW SITE: I've stopped winging

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    NEW SITE: I've stopped winging

    So I'm getting used to the knew site, working my way round a lot faster now, starting to actually like it... never thought you'de hear me say that did you?
    Having a bit of trouble with the picture thingy, but otherwise, Yeh, it maybe, and I mean Maybe o.k. here now. lol.

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    Glad your coming around
    Bending over backwards for her highness Zoee.

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    yeah, I guess it's not too bad ...I am getting to like it, too. I will have tot ry to post a pic directly from the computer.... that will be an option I really like!! Though, ellierat may accuse me of trying to convert her!!
    got weimaraner?

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    Glad you're getting used to it.

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    I like the avatar feature. It's nice to see pics of everyone's babies all the time. I like the quick reply too.

    Who are kidding anyway ellierat? THey could change this forum a thousand times and I don't think you could ever leave!!! You're an addict!!

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