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Thread: Im leaving

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    Im leaving

    Im goin on vacation to arizona for a week! we leave tommorow mourning. Im goin to see my puppy tonight before we leave and then bringing him home when i get back. Also can someone tell me what has happened when i get back.
    i got my labradoodle kramer! hes wonderful!
    I love my sheltie.

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    Have fun! I love vacationing in arizona, even if it IS summertime, lol! They have good air conditioning

    Give Kramer a hug for us when you see him! And take pics if you can! I can't wait to hear how things go with him
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    Mmmm... Have fun and don't melt. I have very low temperature tolerance, and even here in Vancouver where we're in the 30s Celcius, I'm meellltttinnngggggg :P
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