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    not really sure where to post this, so i figured here is as good as any.

    anyone have any good dog treat recipes that are healthy and easy to make? or any links to sites ith recipes. i cant find any good ones..


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    I love making treats for my dogs (I don't even cook much for myself, but I do a lot of baking for my dogs ). Here's one of the easiest recipes and a link to some good recipes.

    Dog & Cat biscuits

    2cups whole wheat flour
    1/2cup cornmeal
    2/3cup water
    6tbsp oil
    Mix all together. Cut into shapes and bake @350 degrees for 35-40 mins.
    My dogs didn't like the apple pupcakes, but they liked anything else that I made from that site. The ones with garlic will help ward of fleas, there are some treats to fight bad breath, and some that are low-fat

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    I make this chicken liver/spinach thing... no set recipe, just frozen spinach and chicken livers, fried up... a little garlic... and man, does it taste good. lol
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    I came across this site when I was surfing - I havent tried it yet...but will be cooking for Chloe when we bring her home....will let you know if any of these come out well

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