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Thread: help! dog is making snorting sounds and shaking

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    What could be wrong with my 8 year old black lab mix? Every now and then, usually at night, usually sometime after he eats, he snorts inward several times and shakes a little while he's doing it, like there's something in his lungs or something. Has anyone else had this happen to their dogs? He's still a hyper, happy dog, and the episodes don't seem to affect him. I'm afraid it may be a sign of a future health problem though.

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    Sounds like he is sneezing to me, if you are really worried take him to the vets, but dogs can do the same as us, something maybe getting up his nose from his food, any kind of powder etc. (don't know what your feeding).
    A lot of the smaller breeds do this quite often because of their designer noses.
    My dogs will even roll on the ground and have a sneezing attack after, shaking their heads and snorting.
    You could also look up the nose something maybe trapped there, but you would need vet attention most likely to remove it.
    hope that helps [img]smile.gif[/img]

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