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Thread: My buddy Paco

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    My buddy Paco

    Baby Boy, how I love you so. Three years ago, right about this time - my nightmare began, and by 5 pm, you lay dead in my arms.

    How I miss you so... I wish God would just give you back. The pain of not having you is still so great, it wasn't your time to go. Why did you have to die? I would do almost anything to have this time back... three years ago today.

    Almost ten years ago, on Labor day, you were born. I bought you, twelve weeks later... not knowing the joy and love you would give me. A backyard breeder sold you for $50... a treasure so cheap, and may have had you for free if I had waited a few more weeks. Your first year, lordy that was filled with such trials. Me, taking on a puppy, a single mother of a two year old - in an apartment. You TAUGHT me, not to leave the garbage can on the floor, to not leave my shoes out, or to take for granted you were potty trained. We went to doggie beach, the Big Dog Parade, to friend's houses, and to dog park together. Remeber the time, I took you with me when I had to work out-of-town, just to have you howl in the motel after I left. No doubt about how much you loved us. And all your sweaters... how you loved to get dressed up, I still have them. When we moved to our first house together - how neat it was to hike together... me, you, and Trevor. Then we got the big pool, and we were both surprised to find out you could swim. Fetching that stupid float toy, over and over and over again. I swear, I thought you would eventually have a heart attack. Oh, and how you would come sit between Trevor and I, when he had been naughty, and I was giving him a loud "talk." I could always trust you to guard our home, even though, I knew if a stranger walked in, your wagging tail would give away that ferious bark. You changed so many peoples minds about pitbulls, you were so loving and well-behaved, not like what people are shown on TV today. You were a true embassador for the breed. Noble, trustworthy, dedicated, loyal, peasceful, and full of love. I knew, with all my heart, you wouldn't ever attack, because I had trained you so well. But that was my downfall, because today, and everyday, you are now dead. You didn't protect yourself when you were attacked by other pitbulls, because I was suppose to do that. You were attacked, given one fatal bite - and now you are lost to me for what is the rest of my life. I know, one day your time would have come, but in reality, you would have still been here today - only almost ten years old.

    I can't get your picture up... how frustrating this all is. My baby, I'm so sorry. It was only three years ago. I know there is a Rainbow Bridge, because I so desparetly have to see you, hold you, and love you again. Please Paco, please wait for me. I love you so. Everyday, I think of you, everyday I miss you. I know there will be a next May 21st without you, maybe then I'll figure out how to show the world your picture. I'm so sorry baby...
    Paco, when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, never again will we be separated. I love and miss you.

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    I am so sorry for your loss xxxxx

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    Wipeing away my tears, I am so sorry you lost him, he will be waiting for you one day. Hugs to you, and untill the day comes when you can be together again, just look at his pictures and think of the good times you had together.

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