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Thread: what kind of vitamins can I give my dog

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    I was wondering is it safe to give your dog over the counter vitamins? If so how much should I give her Thanks Lisa Stuhr

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    NO. It works much the same for dogs as for us. They will only be of any benefit if they are lacking in the particular vitamin given.
    If you are feeding a fully balanced diet they should not need anything else.
    They should also be a pet vitamin, from pets shop or vets not human from the chemist.
    You can easily overdose on certain vitamins, consult your vet first to see if they need any, or if feeding home cooked food check the recipe for the vitamins needed.

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    The thing i dont understand is... all of the dog food mfrs. say that if you feed a complete diet than there isnt a need for supplementation, However there are many supplements that offer benefits that arent part of the reccomended aafco "essential nutrients"

    Omega 3/6 fatty acids are known to be of benefit and are included in many complete foods, but are also absent from many complete foods..

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