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Thread: Anyone have info on Germanys Breeding Regulations?

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    Anyone have info on Germanys Breeding Regulations?

    Well I am starting to go a bit crazy on how many people are breeding these days. I've listened to alot of heated debates regarding breeding, etc. I feel the need to do something, not just volunteering either. I need to somehow stop all this crazy breeding. Can anyone see where this is going to go in the next 10 years? I think we are going to have soooo many dogs in the future and the poor people that have to euthanise them everyday are going to have to put down more because of health problems, surrendering, etc. When mutts didn't cost alot of money back in the day there were always hobby breeders, etc. They didn't make any profits for $200 a pup. Puppy Mills concentrated on purebred dogs because that was were the money was. Now ANYONE can mix two dogs regardless of the health, temperment, etc and sell them for PROFIT. I mean, $1500 and up for a mixed breed. Mix that with someone who doens't know what they are doing and have money in their eyes. BAD IDEA! We need rules, we need regulations, we need control on what people are doing. If anyone has any info or links please let me know. I need to do some major research on this.

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    Did you know that in Germany all people pay a dog tax to take care of dogs and it is a non euthansia country? They have such good results with this that France sends strays to Germany to be cared for so they will not be put down even. Also there you can take your dogs everywhere so they are extremely well socialized,places like a food market where you really would not like a bunch of dogs has tether poles, with water and confort for the dog and people are so used to it and nobody messes with your dog. They have the toughest registry around, the pups are inspected by breed warden, tatooed, and dna sampled. In order to breed and register you must pass all certifications before your dog is approved.... yes I said approved you have to follow a complete health, conformation, and temperment testings and titles before you can breed and get papers on your litter. It is expensive to breed a registered litter and that keeps the people wanting puppy mills from doing it as it costs more than you get back.

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    Well said GSDNewbie, you are totally right on that one too. We have german friends that explained this all to us and I went down to Germany with the breeder one year just to see how different it was and to pick up a bit of the language. We were staying with his mom and the language thing was really a great education for me. But I could not believe how things were out there, so unbelievable, dogs go everywhere, buses, restaurants, absolutely everywhere. Our friends are totally appalled at the way things are around here. When they see someone not qualified breeding dogs they want to choke them lol. He tried so hard to introduce some of this policing around here but it didn't catch on except in our GSD club. That's why we have shelters full of so called purebreds out here. Because of people's greed and ignorance, and then they think nothing of euthanizing these dogs. Our friends bred a very selected few litters, that were sold before they were born, but they bred for the joy of seeing "real" Shepherds and to better the breed. They were appalled at the colours , temperament, and conformation that were being bred out here. They don't breed anymore because of this dissillusionment. They are actually ashamed of some of the dogs bred out here. Can't say I blame them. They also were very angry at the restrictions put on the dogs from going anywhere. They were responsible for starting our GSD club and to introduce us to the same rigorous working conditions they have in Germany. Needless to say, we had many drop outs....the ones who just wanted to breed and had $ signs in their eyes. When I look at my dogs is when I wish I could do all the things I did with my other Shepherds, but it's at least a good memory to hang on to.

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    Thats why the USA is a free country! Ppl can do their part but one person sure cant save the world.
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    no but maybe they can save at least a couple dogs who would have had a hundred or more pups between them and their offspring and that to me is worth it.

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    Count me in on that one too.

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    In Rottweilers before being bred the dog must have a BH (basic Obed)
    and passing HD- results.
    The dog must then pass the ZTP.
    Plus you can not just pick a stud dog.They let you know who you can and can not breed to.
    The pups are looked at after birth and if deamed exceptable they are registered is not they are culled.they keep much better books on dogs then we do.



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    Quote Originally Posted by rutylr
    The pups are looked at after birth and if deamed exceptable they are registered is not they are culled.they keep much better books on dogs then we do.
    Puppies are culled where?
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    oh and studs are only allowed to be bred a predermined amoutn of times too

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    ADRK breeding rules(2001)
    -Sire and dam can be from Germany,Austria and Switzerland only(the head breed warden can make exceptings)
    -Must have good(breedable) dog base values.
    -Cannot be under breeding ban.
    -Both prospective Parents must have obtained a ZTP and BH,at least one of the parents must have a SchH title.
    -Hip results of both parents:HD/A,HD/B,HD/C (C must be bred with A,B with A or B)(( so they do allow mild dogs to be bred))
    -Elbow results of both:ED/0,ED/+((so they do breed DJD dogs there)))
    ED/1,ED/2,ED/3 is not allowed to breed
    -Minimum age for HD/ED exam is 15 months.
    -Minimum breeding age,male 24m,females 20 months
    -Max age for a male :10 years female 9 years
    -Two "litter Controls" are carried out one at 2 days and one at 7 weeks.
    -Max 1 litter a year for a female (when she has only 1 or 2 puppies,she can be mated after 6 months, when she has 9 pups and more,she may not be bred for 18 months)
    -Max 40 litters/year for a male.
    Breeding levels
    1.Einfachzucht(lowest level)
    2 Gebrauchshundzucht
    3 eistungszucht
    4 Koerzucht
    5 Koer-Und Leistungszucht
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