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Thread: The pointy part on a dogs head????!!!!! Smart???

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    Cool The pointy part on a dogs head????!!!!! Smart???

    Hey! Angel has a pointy bone in between her ears. Most dogs have some sort of point there. Angels is pretty pointy haha and very noticeable.

    A friend of ours that has lots of dogs said that the bigger the point on a dogs head the smarter the dog.

    Well................... Is this true?????? Cuz if it is Angel must be one SMART A.SS dobie!!!
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    Apparently the bigger it is the better the breeding.

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    My Boxer had a really pointy head until she was about 2 and a half. My friend called her "Pinhead"!! I've heard it means they are smarter but I'm not sure........
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    I've heard that about Shepherds, they call it apple dome skull. and it's supposed to show how smart they are. I have yet to do experiment with this LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pung-yo
    I've heard that about Shepherds, they call it apple dome skull. and it's supposed to show how smart they are. I have yet to do experiment with this LOL.
    I thought the apple dome was what Chihuahuas had? Apple-headed Chihuahuas?
    lol Buck if that is true, then Buck is a smart, smart dog! Rusty, well, we already knew that one. El Retardo Grande

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    may-be it's just a rumor they tell owners to make them feel better about their pointy-head dog. LOL
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    I thought it was Chihuahuas too, but I guess they apply it to every breed, I really don't see anything to it. It probably is a rumor someone started.

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    I don't know about the smarts INSIDE the head in question but it sure hurts like the dickens when a pointy headed, doofy, great dane bonks you with his noggin in the face! OUCH! I had a friend in HS whose dog had the pointiest head ever...
    You had me at "woof".

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    that's the "bump of knowledge"! That's what we call our little Joey tomatoe's bump! And she is gotta be the dumbest dog i have ever owned! But it is funny to watch the dumb stuff she tries to pull off
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    This might not be true... but I heard that if its really big, it may be cancer. I knew a dog that died of cancer... and they said that's how they knew about it.

    & Sammy

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