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Thread: Pug having seizure

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    My pug is 6weeks old and I noticed he gets into a seizure whenever he sleeps. Its not during the entire night ofcourse but it lasts for around 2min every other hour i guess. When I got him at 4weeks old, he was shaking alot during his sleep on my hands on the way home. I just thought he might be so tired from the trip back home or probably it was typical for pugs to be dreaming this way, but I'm still quite skeptical and want to know if this is normal. Also, there are times when hes just all alone and suddenly he charges at the air or often times back up as if somethings scaring him or charging at him. He use to do it alot when he was just 4weeks old but it still happens from time to time. Would anyone know if this might be connected to any brain disease or am I just totally paranoid over nothing?

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    if you are that concerned, it's best to take him to a vet. dogs do "dream" and move around alot when they in the REM sleep (mine even barks and growls sometimes). Take him to the vet - the sooner you find out the better.

    good luck.

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