This is by far the best explanation

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Just a thought for all Newbies wanting to post their favourite doggie's photos

Here we are Step-By-Step

Step One
At the top and bottom of every thread (topic, subject) there is a link above the "Quick Reply" saying "Post Reply" Click on this to get your Photos uploaded instead of trying on "Quick Reply"

Step Two
Now that you have clicked here, you will go to the Full (Proper) reply box...

Step Three
...Scroll down to "Manage Attachments" and click on it...

Step Four
...This will pop up once you click on the link. Now click on any of the "Browse" buttons and...

Step Five
...This will pop open, revealing your files. You can go anywhere on your computer's files to find the right pictures that you wish to post...then click "Open"

Step Six
Now you just have to keep doing that until you have all the photos you wish to show. You can upload 10 pictures in one Attachment. Just click "Upload" after the first 5 and then wait patiently for the photos to upload from your computer to the server. This may take several minutes depending on your connection speed. Once the first five is complete, they will appear along with 5 new clean boxes for your other 5 pictures. You can upload One picture if you don't want to upload 5 or 10, and that will be faster too. If you have another 10 photos to post, just repeat these six steps on another post (reply) ...

...and voila!