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Thread: Cat owners, I need help

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    Cat owners, I need help

    At the barn where I board, there was a litter of 4 kittens born 3 weeks ago. All are doing well, except one. Definitely the runt of the bunch. On Friday I had gone to check on them and the runt has a snotty nose as well as crusties over the eyes. Previous to this one eye was open, now both are crusted shut. I took the baby up to the main barn to clean its nose. It was so bad I was surprised that it could still breathe, much less nurse. I checked her again on Saturday, same thing. We did have some nasty infections running with the cats early this summer and this baby seems to show the same simptoms. It has been recommended that I take baby home and bottle feed and keep baby clean and away from any other infections. Why I was the one nominated, who knows. This baby is so small compared to the others, I am not sure if it is going to make it. I am not thrilled about taking on a kitten, yet, I would have too guilty of a conscience (sp) if this baby doesn't make it. Is there any chance this kitty will make a turn around and come out as healthy as its litter mates? I would hate to take a baby away from its mother unless it is absolutely necessary. Any suggestions?
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    runts rarely thrive so be prepared for the worst. With some care it could turn around but chances are it is getting bullied out of getting its fair share of milk so its chances may not be brilliant. Runts are also unlikely to take in sufficient colostrum in the first few hours of life which makes them much more prone to subsequent infection.
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    How sad , for that baby kitten . I have a bad habit of taking in animals that need me , so I have raised many kittens - perhaps I could offer advice ? If the baby doesn't receive human assistance , it probably will die . You're right , if you take it from it's mamma , keep it clean and warm , and bottle feed it - it will have a much greater chance of surviving . If you can help it along for about two more weeks , maybe a little less , it will be able to start eating soft food , and once it can do that , the odds of it making it increase dramaticly . I have had to bottle feed several different kinds of baby animals - all of them did well , save one - and you really don't want to know what happened to that little one . If there are any other questions I might be able to answer for you , don't hesitate to ask !

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