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Thread: Please tell me what to do

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    Please tell me what to do

    I have a maltese puppy.I having a difficult to clean the ear.If i touched the ear,she will be angry.Now her ear was smelly,how i clean the ear without I clean with a cotton or ear pick.If we clean with ear pick,she will be angry and bite us.We also had a problem if we brush her hair,she also angry and bite us even we already scold her.Do you have an alternative to clean the ear ?Every 3 months we always bring her to the grooming salon,is it okay not to clean the ear before go to the grooming salon,i am afraid that i can hurt her.Why the ear are so smelly?Thanks.

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    Firstly, you need to decide whether or not your puppy is going to determine whether or not things get done. You are doing this for thier own good & it is necessary. It should not matter that they "GET MAD" you are the boss. Place your hand on top of the muzzle - give a gentle squeeze and say NO.

    Have one person hold the dog & it's head while the other gently cleans. Have your vet or the groomer show you how it you are uncertain. Also see post on ear cleaning in the grooming section.

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    I would take her to the vet if her ear is smelly she could have an infection.
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    There is no alternative to cleaning her ears, it has to be done. It should also be done much more frequently than every 3 months. Her ears should be cleaned weekly to prevent infection. Does she fuss if you just use a cotton ball? Her problem with the swab/pick could be that you're pushing to hard and hurting her. However, if it's smelling bad, then it's very likely that one or both ears are infected. Take her to your vet and have them show you how to properly clean her ears.

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    You don't need an ear pick. You can get some vinegar-based cleaner from a pet store, squeeze it in and use a cotton ball to clean stuff out. You have to warm her up to brushes and such things. Start by handling the ear, touching it and rubbing it when she's in a calm mood. Praise her for letting you touch it. Flip it back and forth for a bit. When she's used to you touching it, you can start cleaning them.
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    Please read the section in's called Grooming Tips and Know how. you will find a complete section on ear cleaning. what to use. and a picture of the dogs ear. Helping you to ascertain if you are going to deep.

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    a smelly ear indicates infection so you will need to take your dog to the vet to get that checked.
    As far as the biting goes, that is a BIG problem. This dog thinks SHE is the boss in your house. You need to put her straight right away. You must never let her get what she wants from attempting to bite, if needs be purchase a muzzle which you can use to protect your hands while you clean her ears or perform other tasks which she doest like. Once she learns that the only way to get you to stop is to behave herself and let you get on with it quickly she should stop biting.
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