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    Pups have 28 baby teeth, these should have all erupted by the age of 6 weeks.
    Anywhere between 4 - 8 months the permanent ones should all be in place.

    Tartar and Gum Disease are the main causes of bad breath in Dogs.

    TEETH CLEANING.....Prevention, is better than cure, dogs teeth don't work the same as ours they are designed to chop pieces of food from a larger piece rather than to masticate it like we do. Feed strips or chunks of food so the dog exercises his teeth, rather than cutting each piece. Also include biscuits or dog chews.

    Teeth should be checked regularly, not just for tartar, but gum disease and breakages. Save your dogs teeth, don't throw hard objects or sticks for him to play with or catch.

    Teeth Cleaning:- There are a variety of Dog Toothpastes and Brushes available if you need to do it manually for your dog. You will find some if you go back to the main page of this Link. Don't wait till you see the formation of tartar, (brown scale) you need to do it when plaque starts to form, which is an invisible film on the teeth.
    It is easier to clean one or two teeth daily, rather than the whole set in one go. Do Not use human toothpaste on your dogs teeth.

    If your dog does not like you to clean them, you will have to visit your vets and get them to professionally do it for you.
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