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Thread: smoked bones?

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    Christopher's Mommy Senior Dog Member+ shanniesue2's Avatar
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    smoked bones?

    I know that you are only supposed to give dogs uncooked bones. I was at petsmart yesterday and notied for the first time that they have knuckles and natural bones and smokes bones/knuckles and such. Have all these bones been cooked? Is smoking a bone equivilant to cooking it?

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    i do not know, but have given my dogs this without problems.
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    smoking them removes the moisture and makes them brittle and unsafe IMO as well I would not feed them personally

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    I was told they are as dangerous as cooked bones and can splinter easily. I'm not sure how true that is though, but I wouldn't take the risk with my dogs.

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    I also was told they were brittle when smoked, I never feed them, just plain raw bones.

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    Hannah has had both. What's important is to know your dog. Is he a power chewer? If so, I'd recommend raw marrow bones or soup bones.

    Never allow him/her to chew a bone unsupervised, raw or smoked.

    If you do go with the smoked, I'd get the knuckle or the mammoth bone (full length shin? bone with both knuckles attached) and watch him closely to see how he goes at it.

    Before I knew the virtues of raw bones, I always used the smoked bones and never had any problems, but absolutely make sure it is a beef bone. Pork bones are too brittle and will splinter. I also took the bones away at signs of wear and tear.

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    Smoking cooks the bones.
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    smoking, boiled and rosted are all big no no's

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    I gave my dog one of these that I got at a specialty pet store. He was right beside me eating it and started choking and gagging. One of the meat parts chunked off and was stuck in between his jaw, forcing it open. I had a heck of a time getting it out and will never give my dogs smoked bones again. I only feed raw bones now.

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    Christopher's Mommy Senior Dog Member+ shanniesue2's Avatar
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    what about the bones that say "natural bone"? Or they also had this huge knuckle that was white. They had some brownish colored knuckles that were advertised as smoked. But the white one just said knuckle. On that one and then there were others that didn't say whether they were smoked or not. If they're sold at a pet store, should I just assume they've been smoked or cooked?

    I bought her a bag of the old west brand bones (they are mostly vertebrae, and didn't say smoked, but I think they were). After she finished the first one, I don't think I'm going to give her any more. The chunks she chewed off were awfully big and I was so afraid that she was going to choke on them or get bloat if she swallowed them.
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