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Thread: Age that puppies can leave their mother?

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    I don't know your breed, but most pups do better at 8 weeks, although a lot are ready by 7 weeks. It would depend on how long they have been weaned and how self reliant they are. They can still learn a lot from mom if you wait that extra week though.

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    saryana if you wait until the puppies are 5 months old, do you do all of the potty trianing, ob (house manners) training?? That is pretty old...what about bonding to the new owners etc?? Not criticizing just asking

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    I used to breed cavaliers and I would sell them at the age of 12 weeks as parvo can be quite prevalent so I wanted to be sure that they received adequate protection from the vaccine and I would start them on their 1st shot at 8 weeks but I would lie about their true age and I am not ashamed to admit this either and would take 3 weeks off their true age because I found that most buyers were not interested in a 12 week old pup and quite a few expected them at 6-7 weeks even if I took my time to explain about the risks and since my cavaliers are smallish I could easily get away with it. Most puppies get their 1st shot at 6 weeks which is a major NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Pups don't leave my house until they are 9 weeks.
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    Well. They are fully weaned, and rather independant, they escape from their pen and go wandering, but don't worry, by "wandering" i mean away from mama, not far. I'll probably keep them the full 8 weeks. the thing is one pup is already gone, and has been for a week, but that wasn't of my doing, my parents said that the family could take her. I wouldn't have allowed it if i knew.
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    Well, I agree with most of you letting them go at 8-12 weeks is good.
    BUT, the law in Pennsylvania requires puppies to be at least 8 weeks before selling, or giving away. Check local laws.
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    Pep it's not your fault or in your control, please don't beat yourself up about it. Please gang, remember Pep is a minor and her parents don't follow her advise........which is great advise and very mature!

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    It's best to allow 8 - 12 weeks. But it's not going to kill the pup to go early.

    My chosen breed is Shih Tzu'z. Because they break teeth kinda late (at week 4 - 5) we have to wait longer to start weaning the pups. We want to make sure that they are properly weaned before they go.

    Also betwwn week 7 - 12 is when puppies start really developing "social" skills. By this I mean, they develop a pecking order, learn to listen to the boss, learn how to play and interact with each other (better, Ours start playing at around 5 weeks), but it's the subilties that they learn at this age. Ie. If you bite me, It hurts and I wont play with you. So the pups learn not to bite.

    For this reason, only a very (and I do mean very very) few leave us at 8 weeks, the most stay until 10 weeks. and if they are being shipped, or have a long journey to their new home, they wont leave until 12 weeks.

    Good luck with your pups

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsdjordyn
    saryana if you wait until the puppies are 5 months old, do you do all of the potty trianing, ob (house manners) training?? That is pretty old...what about bonding to the new owners etc?? Not criticizing just asking
    My breed is notorious for being difficult to housebreak. Keeping them as long as i do, they learn the routine from the rest of the pack, once they are out of the whelping box/pen. By the time they go to thier homes, they are well on the way to being trained. Its not unusual for my breed to be almost a year before they are reliable if ever. Their signals are subtle so often missed by inattentive owners. I have had some housebreak quickly, but i also have a 5 year old bitch that has NEVER clued into this process.

    I teach mine about piddle pads, litter boxes and the great outdoors for potty time. I don't stress about it, or get my undies in a knot if there is an accident...they happen. I clean it up and go on. We use the "1 foot" rule here...if ONE foot is on the piddle pad, or they are one foot from the piddle pad or door...its not an accident. They have the idea, it just needs refinement.

    As for bonding.....I have heard this comment often. I would like to know where it is written and what studies back up statements like "they won't bond". I have rescue dogs of various ages and temperaments thro my house all the time. I have no trouble bonding with them or they with me, and he same when they go to knew homes. They have never had trouble bonding with new owners, regardless if they are a 5 month old puppy or a 10 year old rescue dog. its all about how you bring them up. I use the rule of 7 for socializing puppies. 7 new experiences, 7 new people and 7 new surfaces each much as possible. I start handling puppies from birth. I have folks in almost immediately to start handling puppies.

    I use this same routine with older rescue dogs.....

    They all bond wonderfully with thier owners, so i have never understood why i hear so many folks say "they won't bond" cause...i have never seen it happen.

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    Agreed, I usually let them go between 10-12 weeks... Only slightly earlier if its a home I know well (ie. Have placed a dog with before) or, a close friend.

    My little one here is the exception - shes 8 weeks, but the breeder has 2 6 month old pups, and a newborn baby. Two weeks early going home with us certainly isnt going to hurt her! LOL

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