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Thread: adoped dog with long nails

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    We adopted an adult dog whose nails are way too long. Cutting the tips each week seems to get us nowhere fast. How can we get the nails back to normal length? They need about 2/3 the nail to be cut off, which obviously he'd bleed. What are my options? Is this something the vet would have to do by knocking him out? Or could the vet give him a local to numb his feet?

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    I think our Vet does much better than our groomer. He's good to but the Vet seems to cut them back better. I would just give them a call. Once they get so long you do have to do it in stages or they can bleed to much. They have a powder to help with the bleeding but their advice would be so much better on this. Good Luck. We just had our Dane neutered today & they cut his back right after the neuter. Lucky us huh! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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