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Thread: LABS V's All other breeds

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    LABS V's All other breeds

    This is the situation so far.

    1. Labs stand out alone.
    2. All other breeds have joined forces to win the war.
    3. All other breeds are playing dirty tricks to win.
    4. There is a lot of talk, not too much evidence.
    5. There is a lot of mudslinging by all the breeds...none which affects us mature lab owners.
    6. All posts now need to be checked, the opposition is stooping to making defamatory comments about Labs on any thread. They will stoop to nothing to win.
    7. Labrador owners, beware, we must stand united, don't be complacent, I am copping a thrashing on other threads, especially their one.


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    I will speak out only because I have been "turned" from the "other side". I never imagined that I would ever own a lab. I've always thought labs were boring, plain, far too common dogs. Anka has completely changed my view. She is so wonderful, cute, and with such personality! Labs are GREAT dogs, but ALL dogs are great dogs! Can't we all just get along? No matter what type of four legged friend you choose, you're A-OK in MY book!

    (But I will bring out the big guns if this thing gets TOO ugly!!)

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