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Thread: Anyone in Kentucky who has had a dog hurt by a groomer?

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    I am looking for anyone in Kentucky that has had an animal abused by a groomer. My Old English Sheepdog was cut badly by a groomer. Anyway to make a long story short, nothing can be done. I cannot press charges and may not get any of the money back from Emma's costly surgery because there are not any laws regulating groomers, you do not need to have any experience or education to groom dogs and apparently the lady that groomed my dog has no educational background and has lost her job at several grooming salons because of abuse. If anyone can share any stories about your pet, I would love to hear from you. I am working on a petition to send to my congressman to lobby for laws to regulate groomers. Any support would be beneficial! Thanks!

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    Why can't you sue for damages as the result of neglience on the part of the groomer? You should be able to produce bills, pictures, etc even if there are no laws.

    Your locals ASPCA should be informed and they can issue a bulletin to all grooming companies.

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    I live in Kentucky but thankfully never had any problems with our groomer. I had no idea that there were no regulations. Good luck!

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    I'm very sorry to hear about your dogs grooming experience. You are right, there are no regulations for groomers.

    There are however grooming schools which teach the grooming basics. Grooming is an art, and is learned through many years of experience. It is also a job which requires extreme patience, and a great love for animals. It's a dirty, smelly job, and the noise volume can be quite high at times. But having been grooming for going on 21yrs I still love it.

    There are definately bad groomers out there, just like in any profession. I would suggest going back and talking to the owner of the grooming salon. It is in his/her best interest to come to some kind of solution to this incident.

    These kind of accidents are quite rare, considering the number of dogs which are groomed each day. Some of the things which can increase the chances of injury to your pet are; a matted coat, hyper dog, some skin conditions which cause the blades to grip the skin rather then go over it.

    I would be interested to know where the cut occurred. Areas like behind the ears, the tuck up, armpits and throat area have to be shaved with great caution when matted.

    Please let me know how you make out.


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    I actually think that you can file a civil lawsuit against the bad groomer. If you have pictures, vet bill etc. Sander was correct indicating that ears, armpits, skin deep mats, can be a real challenge for a groomer. Too often people do not have the time to properly comb and brush their pets so they expect the groomer to handle it all. It takes alot of time and patience, some groomers book themselves too tight to take the time. therefor they rush through the procedure and make horrible errors. Try word of mouth to find another groomer, thats how I get all of my clients. I do not advertise. It would be a shame to clump all groomers together and passing yet another law through the system would probubly not be the answer either. signed pet groomer

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    I am in KY and I do not go to a groomer. But you can file a civil suit to recover your money from medical bills. Talk with a local lawyer they will inform you of what you can and cannot do. It may cost a little money upfront but if your vet bills was excessive then it's worth it.
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    This one is from 2004, guys.

    Please check dates before posting.

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