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Thread: The War is OVER

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    The War is OVER

    Our War is Over, now the voting begins.
    You may have noticed all threads relating to the War have been closed.
    If you would like to make any comments or place just ordinary posts about your breed, or dog etc. Feel free to make a new thread.

    Your threads were not closed because there was anything wrong. Dax and I just felt that we need to move on now to our Xmas Comp. and there is nothing like an old post from the archives being refreshed in a months time or so.
    Don't want to get us all worked up again. Huh. lol.

    So good luck voting. Now time to concentrate on your XMAS phot comp. Entries. If I am correct there is a prize for that one.

    Cheers Ellierat and DaxAriel's Toy...MODERATORS.
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