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Thread: is there any medications to put my dog to sleep temp.?

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    is there any medications to put my dog to sleep temp.?

    My dogs has REALLY LONG nails... when she itches herself she usually end up ripping skin. when ever i try to cut her nails while shes awake she starts to panic and doesnt let me.. Either she end up getting hurt accidently or i get a long scratch down my face from her by accident. I dont know why s=he panics so much ive never cut her nails too much that they bleed or anything.Tere is no dog groomers or vet within a 100 km from where i live, and i dont thinkshe'll trust them to cut her nails when she doesnt even trust me! So i figured the only way that I could do it is to put her to sleep for a bit. Does anyone know if there is any typr of household medications that is alright for my dog to eat and will put her to sleep for a good half an hour or atleast 15 mins.. if anyones does that would be GREAT!

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    You could try a Be Calm or Happy Traveler, those help calm dogs down, but there's nothing to make them sleep except anasthesia.
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    I'd ask the vet for a heavy tranquilizer to help you get the job done.
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    I suggest you work with her everyday to desensitive her.

    Start by sitting on the floor with her. I usually put Merlin on my legs so he is cradled on my legs and his head in pressed slightly in my gut. I started out my just rubbing his tummy and praising. Treat at the end. This is now a pleasurable experience for him.

    Do this a couple of days in a row before the next step with is touching the nails with your hand. Make it quick touchs, no discomfort at all. Praise throughout and give tummy rubs.

    Continue to do this every day. It only takes 5 minutes so it's not a big training session. The next step is to introduce the clippers. At first you are only going to touch them to the nails. Keep praising.

    You can see where this is going. Your dog will associate the repetitive good experiences until you are finally ready to start cutting the nails. By having the dog's head by your gut, you blind fold them so they can't see the clippers coming.

    Of course this takes time, so before you start I would get your vet or a groomer to do the nails for you. Then you can work on shaping this into a neutral if not pleasant experience.

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    Dax gave really good advise. BTW how old is your dog? What breed?
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    You could try benadryl. It is safe for dogs with allergies and may also make him sleepy. Good Luck!!

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    Dax gave great advice. Also be sure that you are using appropriate clippers that are SHARP.
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    As Dax said have some patient, work daily slowly handling the feet, toe nails, rub them, get a mild file and pretend some, just keep working to gain trust from the dog. Soon it will let you file them or nip some of the tips off. I would never sedate a dog at home.
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    Dax's advice was right on!! Patience, patience, patience. Handle the feet many times a day and praise, praise, praise. Rub the feet, the pads and the nails. What I did was to get the pup into a comfortable position and once they were used to my touching their feet, I would hold the clippers in my hand, along with a small treat. I proceeded to clip one nail...then give the treat.
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