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Thread: Dog War...Chandra, ummmm suspicious

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    Dog War...Chandra, ummmm suspicious

    Just thought I would repost this little bit of info for your purusal, I was looking at the vote counts, guess who voted for Chandra...Yep, Forum Moderator.

    Is this an inside job? Is Chandra going for the Moderator position?
    Look out Dax, she makes out she's our friend...then swoop, she's in.
    First of all a lovely little Ode to Pro Dog, What next I ask?

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    Hmmm, Chandra for Moderator... Hee hee, I kinda like that idea.

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    Here I was pm'ing the Forum Moderator (whom we call Steph) saying we would appreciate them voting. It's all in fun after all and woosh - now there jealousy, suspicion.

    NO worries Chandra. I know you haven't got your sights on a moderator position - it's the super moderator one. HEE HEE

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    Steph and I are close We've even PMed each other haha.

    I'm not looking to replace anyone so everyone breathe

    "I thought it was completely obvious by now that I have no idea what I'm doing."

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    Hehehe , Chandra , are you up to no good ?
    The only thing better than having a dog , is having two !

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