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Thread: Blue Schipperke's?

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    Blue Schipperke's?

    I was researching Schipperke's and came across this:

    Breed:SchipperkeSex:N/ABirthdate:N/A (Unborn)Champion bloodlines:YesChampion sired:NoShipping area:WorldwideWhat's included:Registered/registerable (AKC, NKC, etc.), Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guaranteeAdditional information:I have Schipperke puppies right now!! They are
    Rare Blue colored Schipperkes
    , AKC registered.
    $400.00 each. I am an AKC inspected breeder. My
    pups are always up to date on vaccines and
    dewormings, and will have several sets of each
    when they go home with you. Males and females
    available, they are raised with love, and
    prespoiled. I own both Dam and Sire. Any
    questions? Email or
    call 269-277-1121. Thanks!

    Do you think this is ligit? I look at the photo's and notice they have him in a blue sweatshirt and on a blue carpet, and maybe it simply makes you think blue.

    This is what I read about Schipperke colors:

    "In color the Schipperke is solid black, which is the only color accepted by the AKC, however, the breed also comes in a handsome range of tans and fawns which are acceptable abroad."

    Here are the other colors (including solid black) that they show:
    This one doesn't look like a Schipperke at all to me:

    Fawn or tan:

    Solid black:

    And this was just too cute:
    You recieve what you percieve.

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    that brown one looks really wierd. It probably really is bue but it is just a sign of bad breeding. They have lost some of the pigment and color and so they come out blue instead of black.
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    blue is a dilute of black so its entirly possable to pop up....
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    AKC BLUE and Gary Schipperke's

    I saw your post online and wanted to clarify your misinterpretation. Apparently you have never heard of or seen Blue or Gray Schipperke's, but they do exist.
    I raise AKC Blue, Gray, and Black Schipperke's, and they all have AKC champion lines, and I have been raising Schipps for 12 + years. I am inspected by the AKC annually.
    Colors do not happen because of bad breeding, as someone posted. The colors are recognized in other countries and shown proudly.
    Blacks are the only color allowed in the main show ring in the US, but there are other colors available, colored Schipps are allowed in agility and obedience trials here in the US.
    I have seen the white colors, and chocolates, I have also seen reds, I like the reds almost as much as I like the blues and grays, they are very pretty.
    My Schipps are all AKC registered Schipperke's, and they look just like the blacks, except for the color. I bred two beautiful black Schipps together and when she had her litter, low and behold, there was a grayish silver little pup, it was unmistakable.
    Here is link from the AKC site, it is a list of the colors and markings available for this breed:
    Here is a link to my site if you would like to look at them:

    If you would like to go to Bonchien's Schipperke data base the colors are listed on their pedigrees:

    Laydee's Heir Princess was born here, (she's the little grayish silver pup I mentioned), and is gray out of black parents, I own her and her Mama and Daddy.
    Carlin's Grayson is one of my Gray Schipperke's. I own him, and his father, who is black, both of his parents are black.
    Their granddaughter, Shadow Baby, is the first known AKC registered blue Schipperke in the US. I own her, and both of her parents who are Gray, her Grandmother and Grandfather who are gray and her Great Grand parents who are Black. When I took her in for her tail docking the vet told me that she was blue, so that's how I registered her, she does have a different cast than the grays.
    They are such beautiful dogs, the only reason they are not in main show ring is the Schipperke club of America only allows the standard black. I love the colors and think if we could get someone to allow them in the main show ring and get the word out, the Schipps would have a huge comeback, they are such good and loyal companions, and they deserve to be known widely, and recognized at shows, instead of overlooked by looking the same every time, I think colors could make Schipps win the shows once again.
    If you would like you may come see them in person I am in Southwest Lower Michigan, if your nearby drop me an email and I will give you directions.

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    Schipperkes are one of my favorite dog breeds, but they're very rare around here, and I've definitely never seen a blue one.

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    old thread and rare color = pay me more money for an improperly bred dog and or a dq to the breed possible genetic issues lol

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    Old thread.
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