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Thread: Help! Nursing mother won't eat

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    Help! Nursing mother won't eat

    Hi. My nursing mother will not eat. I am at my wits end. I have tried everything. I did take her to a vet. She has a small infection. She has been on an antibiotic and is acting like herself. Force feed? How do I do that?


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    how old are the puppies?
    have you tried hand feeding bits of chicken of high value foods?
    Maybe give her some formula puppy milk.

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    Thatca be a very frustrating problem. I have run into that a few times with my mothers. I just keep trying different foods, sometimes they will eat out of my hand better than a dish, but maybe now that she is feeling better she will start eating better.

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    HOw long has she not been eating? Are the puppies still nursing from her?

    Last summer I was house sitting for my breeder and one of her bitches went into labour. She was due a week later, when the breeder was due back. I had already delivered a few litters by that point, so there was not problem. The deliver went well. The mother ate well, the pups were doing great. Everything checked out.

    A couple days later, the bitch refused to eat for 2 days. She did drink, but no matter wat I did to her food she wouldn't eat. I called the breeder, my aunt and the vet. I got the same answer, sometimes they just go off their food. As long as she's still drinking (this will keep her producing milk) and the pups are eating and not crying, Don't worry about it. Sure enough after 2 days of not eating she started eating again. No problems. When the breeder came back we chatted about it. I had let her eat 2 placenta's, which over loaded the mother. I had never seen a bitch give birth sitting before, so just the pup came out, but the placenta was still inside. It took me a couple of pups to get the hang of how to get everything out.

    So if the pups are able to drink don't get too worried. Try adding freash chicken and even cottage cheese to wet down kibble. See if that helps. The cottage cheese will help her keep her milk and they really like it.

    If it's been a while and she's not eating, talk to the vet again incase there is something more serious going on.

    All the best. Keep us updated..............and puppy pictures!!!

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    Wow I didn't know that Beth great advice, and yes pics please lol

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    If the mother eats the placentas and there are alot of breeders who don't let them, the bitch won't need to eat for a while. It is just mother natures way of providing. the placenta is a very rich source of energy for mom. It enabled the mother to stay with the pups in the wild for days without having to hunt for food. Alot of moms don't eat at first and then settle down to their new routine.
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    Try tempting her with cheese, cottage cheese, chicken, and even small amounts of raw ground chicken or turkey. A friend of mine ahd this issue recently while trying to whelp out her Yorkie.
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    I also went through the same thing. Though my mama wouldn't drink much either, and I was worried about supply of milk going down. Finally wet food did the trick (though none on the recall list thank goodness!!) She's now almost week 4 after whelping and is back on dry.
    Hope she gets an apetite soon!

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