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Thread: teddy bear haircut for Lhasa Apso

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    Question teddy bear haircut for Lhasa Apso

    I have a Lhasa Apso and I saw on one site that you can have a "Teddy Bear"haircut,where can I find picture (pictures) of such haircut.
    Thank you.

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    Hi the teddy bear haircut can me many different things to different groomers - but I own a Lhasa cross (more lhasa than anything) and she has a version of the teddy bear - shorter on the body longer on the legs and the teddy bear head. Its a very personal preferance as to how long you have it -ut I like long fluffy legs and closer on the body.Hope these pics help I took them just after i groomed her last time.

    you can have skirts - i dont shes too fuzzy on her sides and they just stick out!!

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    I was a groomer for a very long time I've never heard it called a teddy bear before lol

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    Groomers refer to how they do my dog's face a teddy-variation, but I didn't know that there was a teddy bear body-cut too...
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    Where I am any trim on a dog like mine is classed as a teddy bear trim - its open to interpretation - i take the request with a pinch of salt and quiz the owners thoroughly on what they want!!

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    Suz did you groom her yourself? She looks teddy-rific
    She's a real beauty!

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    Suz your dog looks cute! My version of a "teddy bear" would be using a clip-on comb, then scissor to shape. I would also take off the length of the ear hair shaping to a rounded end. Sorry, no pics! I do this clip on a lot of Maltese'.
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    Yep I groom her myself - im a dog groomer!! She normally has short ears same length as her head hair - was trying something different, i didnt like it lol so she is back to normal now - like this

    I know im biased but i think shes beautiful too!!

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