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Thread: Breeding age?

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    Breeding age?

    I am considering purchasing a young puppy that was from an accidental breeding when a male dog jumped a fence and bred an 18 month old female. Someone had told me once that the puppies can be defective or weak from early breedings like this. Any truth to it?

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    AT 18 months the female isn't extremely young. A lot would depend on the health of the mother and genetics of the father as well. I would definately have a vet check the animal before you agree to take him/her.

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    Yes,i would totally get the vet to examine her!
    Well,depending on the dogs health,breed,and size,although 18 months is young it isn't neccesarily "too" young for her to have a large litter of healthy puppies,easily, and with no problem.
    Something that should be considered is the size of the male that bred with her.Under such circumstances,if the "accidental" father is too big,for the female,problems could very well happen.
    Just to let u know,9 years ago,our old Rottwieler was bred "accidentaly" in the same manner.She was only 11 months,but had 12 healthy happy puppies.I am not saying that 11 months is ok,because its not,but just saying that with the right dog,can have no problems at all.
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    I'm sure it's fine

    I am a dog breeder. Health wise, I'm sure your dog will be fine. The way we breed depends on the personality of the dog itself. If the dog is mature and had grown at a normal rate, we have been known to breed the dog at a year. It really depends on the dog.

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    Two of my dogs, which I adopted from a humane society, had pups around that age. I adopted them shortly after the pups were weaned and they were both in great health. My newest dog, Felicity, had had two litters already and shes less than two, all her pups were fine. The only problem I had was with my Eskie, she claimed two stuffed animals as hers and took them every where with her and protected them like she did her litter. Then one day she just destroyed them.... guess they didn't get the hint that she wanted them weaned After that, nothing physically or behavior related. Hope she works out.
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    The pups should be fine regardless of the b****** age at breeding providing that:

    This is applicable to all breeding b******

    Good food and nutrition was given..preferably a puppy based formula from mating.
    The above was also given to the pups on weaning
    The mother was wormed twice during and after whelping

    The size of the father only causes a problem on whelping. All pups should have a routine health check and vaccination shot before anyone, any breed, type of dog. FULL STOP. At the expense of the BREEDER, that is just good Breeding Practice.

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