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Thread: Ignorant Owners

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    Ignorant Owners

    Lately I have seen sooooo many puppies under the age of 6 months being walked by their owners.
    I've stoped several people to tell them the hazards of exposing a puppy that young to the world. But never was I greatfully recieved.
    The most common response I had gotten was "But he/she's been wormed, therefore they're safe". WRONG.
    I would camly explain that worms are the least of their problems. And then ask if they had ever heard of Parvo.
    Sadly, the majority had. And they still thought the risk of taking a 7 week old puppy out was worth it.
    Half of the puppies I've seen don't even look old enough to be weaned fully.

    In the one coastal town that I was visiting last week I saw no less than 6 pups being walked. 3 of them I heard the owners talking "Oh, she's just turned 7 weeks. And I can't even get her to walk more then a kilometre (approx 2 miles I think), what am I doing wrong?"
    The friends I was with litterally had to hold me back before I went and gave them a talking to. They wouldn't even let me try to explain the risks to the owners because they thought I was too fired up lol. Do they even understand the pressure they're putting on those poor joints making them walk that far?

    Why do I insist on trying to teach these owners when they have no inclination of listening to me?

    I've seen the effects of Parvo more than once, fortunately one of the pups survived. But the others didn't.

    Can anyone help give me different ways of schooling these ignorant people? I try to be as calm and diplomatic as possible, but the numbers are exploding.

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    Morons will be morons, as sad as it is. Honestly, we can talk, and it goes in one ear, and out the other... like "don't put your nose in my business, knowitall". Being stubborn leads to learning things the hard way.

    As for the distance... 1 km = 0.6 miles... but I've never run into anybody like that. Every dog will be different as to what kind of distances they can go for. Some people are blind to that.

    It blows.
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    You can't nail jello to a tree. I would get a nice little brochure you can print on your home computer that gives the facts only. NO EMOTION.

    If they wish to get thier dogs out in the world early there are options including diluted vaccines given at an earlier age. Just getting them to wash their hands before handling their puppies is a major step in the right direction.

    Try getting them to make little changes so they can be advocates on your side. Remember leaders don't stand on soap boxes screaming the world is coming to an end.

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    Hahaha, thanks Moo, I think I got temp mixed up with measurement.

    But either way, it's still a long way for a puppy to walk lol.

    You're right Dax, I just get so worked up when I see how stupid some people are. I mean, I had one person tell me that dogs only get parvo AFTER 3 years of age! And didn't believe me when I told them it can stay in the ground or even in the carpet for up to 7 years, if I remember correctly.
    I always try my best to not sound as if I know better than them. But in this case, I obviously do .
    That brochure idea sounds like a good one to me. I might keep a few in my pockets and in the car.

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    Well, if the pups get Parvo, it will be sad for the pup, but maybe the owner will learn a lesson. It is very sad and costs a lot of money..(if they spend it.) And the dog still amy not live after you spend the money. Then maybe they will learn not to do that.

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    erm its perfectly safe to walk a puppy from 14 weeks upwards provided they have had the correct shots. Sometimes 12 weeks if they were given them early. The first shot is given at 8-10 weeks the second two weeks later and then two weeks after that puppy is good to go.
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    Parvo stays in the ground, on shoes, etc for 1 year appx.

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    Thanks Ellie, I knew it was something long, but 7 was in my head at the time lol.

    Lou, I know from 14 weeks the pup is safer with the shots. But the reason I was so angry was that these pups were no where near the 14 week age. Plus the fact that I never take my pups out under the age of 6 months aside from puppy training just to be safe. EVERYONE who enters my home removes their shoes and washes their hands before coming in.
    It just irks that people don't care for their pups the way they should.

    I know, overkill. But it is such a horrible disease.
    But it's not just Parvo, it's the whole unreasonable expectations too. Wanting a pup, any pup, to be able to walk so far and most haven't even been taught to lead, they're just being pulled along.
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