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Thread: Fully Hand Scissored Pomeranian Teddy Bear!

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    Fully Hand Scissored Pomeranian Teddy Bear!

    This dog comes to me once a year to get a TB. The owner is a friend's mom and sister and they think she gets too hot. This dog as you will see, has a TON of coat. And it isn't a nice coat either, it very dry and gross.
    The owners have been waiting for me to get my shop so I could have the equipment to do the job more easily (as in a proper stand dryer, force dryer, bath tub system, snap on combs, table, lighting) but my shop keeps being put on delay so I had to do it now.
    Anyways here are the pics. I touched the dog up even more after the 'after' pic was taken but good enough.


    All the hair (with my clipper in for size comparrison)
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    Wow what a difference! That is a lot of hair!

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    Wow, thats all i can thats is alot of ahir. i liked him better before, with some good coat care and to lose a few pounds he could be very pretty.
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    ALL hand scissoring???? Wow, you are GOOD!!!

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    Holy ****.
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    That looks like a raccoon! LOL! I would think she would be cooler.

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    Thanks guys.
    It absolutely sucked to hand scissor as the coat laid so flat when it's so long that it was very hard to get that initial one inch all over length (or close to one inch)
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    He looks much happier without all that hair.
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    Why only once a year? He would look better and feel better if she brought him to you regularly.
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    Oh wow she almost looks like a small fox.

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