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Thread: ?? Will a neutered dog tie with a female...

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    ?? Will a neutered dog tie with a female...

    in heat? I had quite the conversation with my uncle yesterday. They were all having quite the laugh about how his dog, the female, and his daughter's dog, the male, got stuck butt to butt. He said he female with in heat but his daughter's dog is neutered. Just wondering. Didn't seem right to me.
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    I've heard of it too, although I've never actually seen it.

    Ellie had a post here earlier about the actual mechanics of the male which supports the possibility.

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    Old thread brought back up for the information to breeding forum.

    Yes, is it not only possible but very likely in a male that has been used at all for breeding or very late to be neutered. Not only does it support the theory that sexual behaviour is learned but spraying/marking territory can be avoided if a male is neutered before sexual maturity.

    At the base of the male dogs penis is a set of glands, these are totally separate from their scrotum. When they mate a female these glands swell, causing the typical 'tie' as you have witnessed. You have to wait for these glands to reduce in size so the two can separate, this can take from 2-30 minutes, depending on the male. It is imperitive that you do not try to separate a locked male, as you can cause permanent damage. Not to mention extreme pain for the female.

    Once they are 'tied' the damage has already been done as far as the possibilites of puppies, deliberately unlocking them in the hopes of avoiding pregnancy is futile. The male ejaculates semen even before the tie, but the best for progeny is produced on the actual 'tie'. So the semen is already inside the female long before you pull them apart.

    The reason for the 'tie', heaps of theories, but the best one is for chances of survival, by locking them in, it is thought that semen cannot escape the vagina, as the dogs vagina is at an angle, pointing downwards. Giving more semen a chance to survive.

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    Uh oh - then I guess that I will need to keep Jake and Mads separated when she comes in....
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    yes he will...

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    Old thread people let's let it rest!
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