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Thread: strange scabs on back....

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    not quite sure anymore

    strange scabs on back....

    I am not sure if the is goes in here ir in Health... sorry...

    anyway I was petting Cyrus yesturday.. (hard like scratching instead of patting or rubbing) on his back, down by his hips/tail, and I noticed these little scabs all over his back.. the expand from his tail to his shoulder... I check the rest of hs body and I only found one or two on his legs and one on his neck.. they are really small..

    our other dog (airdale) has what we have always called skin alergies, (i dont pet him often but My mom says it is the same thing..

    I havent noticed them untill now and I gave him a bath either last week or the week before.. he doesnt seem to be biting or scratching there he does flich slightly if you pick them off, and when pulled away, undernethe is what looks like newly healed skin..

    whaever it is I have caught the tail end of it. I think...

    anybody have any ideas as to what is mgiht be?

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    depending on the size of the scab, it could be an allergy... my initial instinct would say a flea allergy ?
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    flea allergy or food allergy, or just allergic to the too-polluted environment. there's anti bacterial scrub in the drug store, the pink stuff, >>> i'm sorry i can't think of the name right now, but the pharmacist will know, same as what they put in the liquid soap dispensers in hospital washrooms. (I'm thinking hibitane, but i'm not certain). that's an excellent product to use and just teach him to stand on a towel and sponge a tad of that and then rinse with clean water morning and night and it'll dry up in no time. (or into the tub, that may just be easier and faster) also a tea of rosemary works, if it does get any mucous on it. sounds like it's not infected. what is his coat type?? if he's a heavy double coat to treat for sebborhea (there's special shampoo for that, too) --- sebborhea has a very distinctive odour, some breeds have extra sebbaceaous gland activity designed to protect them from weather (like ducks feathers shed water) --- brushing a lot helps to spread the "oil" (it's sort of like an oil to keep the coat from absorbing rain water) through the coat.
    look at his diet though, if there's no sign of bugs ---

    Good luck with it, sounds like its on the mend, and hope that it doesn't recurr.

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    I think the name of the stuff the previous poster was looking for is Hibicleanse. It's anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It's awesome stuff.

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    ahh poor cyrus, i hope he feels better, im not sure all i thought of was hot
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    Could it be the heat or could he have been biten by an insect.You can use gold bond,on it.Could it be the start of a hot spot that he has scratched?,

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    My collie had the same thing and my vet had told me it was hotspots. At the time we had a bad problem with ants.

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    Wow. Do we have the same dog or what?

    I believe Sammy has flea allergies... I'm going to take him to the vet on Monday to be sure.

    & Sammy

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