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Thread: My dog hates my cats what can I do?=]

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    My dog hates my cats what can I do?=]

    You all probly know my dog Baby by now and you guys have helped me out so much but now I need some more help! Baby seams like she is never going to get along with the cats I have tried to get them to like each other but she is so bent on eating them she actually bit my older cat cheech last night and she hurt him not to bad but enough for me to be concerned. Its like the old owners got her to hate cats she has such aggression towards them it werroid she loves kids and other dogs but cats, its like oh food!! got to chase and eat. Please,Please tell me what to do she really upset the kids when she bit cheech my oldest son didn't even want to sit with her and watch t.v and she wined the whole night because the kids kinda ignored her the whole night, my daughter acctually told her to go away that is not like jeannie she loves baby and I know it hurt baby's feelings but I am all out of ideas with her I have tried the water bottle and the hard no and putting her to bed, putting her to bed with out treats I have nothing else. If you guys have any suggestion or info that you think would help please let me know I hate seeing her in a crate at night. for ever in your dept

    Connie and family

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    Sounds to me like Baby needs to spend time on a leash while in the house around the cats. This way you can stop her from chasing and praise her for hearing you. I wouldn't blame the old owners, some dogs just have a very high drive for things that look like prey like cats and othe small animals. You may never break that drive, but you can set rules in your house and insist she follow the rules. But first she has to spend some time learning what you expect, so leash her when she is out in the house and don't let the leash go. Tie it to your belt loop so she has to be with you. Now you will have her attention and can work with her listening skills and praise her for all of the right things she does, because she will have not chance to get in trouble.

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    When I first brought a kitty into my house, (I found him starving) I had 3 large dogs that hadn't been around cats ever and had a friend staying with me with 2 Rotts... So what I did was to crate the kitty in a wire crate where the dogs could see him, and couldn't get to him. Any act of aggression towards the kitty was corrected. Of course a little harder putting cats in the crates if they were there first, but it is definitely what I reccommend for getting dogs and cats used to eachother. It worked for me many times. Allows for the interaction between animals without the fear of one getting eaten. I have brought older cats into my home and done the same thing. With kitty it took about 4 days, and the dogs were very used to him. With older cats, and dogs that have lived with cats, it takes only the first day, and usually they adjust just fine. just a thought....

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    When we brought Uma home it was a disaster with her and Meow. Uma wanted to play and Meow wanted to eat Uma up. As Uma got bigger the roles reversed. It took one whole year of correcting Uma and I do mean correcting. Being there ALL the time when the cat is around, and yes Meow is a house cat. It can be done, we are living proof of it. NOw Uma can be laying down in the living room, Meow will walk in and lay right beside her.
    Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

    Kabil Gibran

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    I like the crate traning thing with the cats but with 3 cats it would be hard and I like the belt thing but I am pregnant and would be affraid she would pull to hard and hurt the baby/baby's but if I hooked her to the couch and just brought her with me every where I go by hand that might work, If I am sitting on the couch and she is with me she stares and tries to run after them but when I tell her to mind her business she stops puts her head down but still stares them down, So I read this other thred where people were talking about an e-coller what is that and if the taking her with me and corrective behaveior don't work could that do the trick? I know some of you don't like them but I have to do something.

    sincerly Connie

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