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Thread: Moby and Carbon

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    Moby and Carbon

    "Mobius of Copenhagen", Moby, 6/12/00-9/13/03, Moby was the first dog that I owned in my adult life. We search long and hard for him and found a wonderful breeder in Wisconsin. We patiently waited for his arrival to Massachusetts, and the rest is history. Moby was such a versatile dog. He was trained for water fowl retrieving and on his first day out, he hunted for 4 men bringing back 16 birds and only losing 1. He was trained through many levels of obedience but was never titled due to the fact that he is a lab and just could not learn to hold a stand. It was too much to ask. But he was cerifiied as a Canine Good Citizen on May 12, 2003. He was also a certified therapy dog making visits twice a month to a local nursing home. He had to ability to make everyone feel loved. He had an extremely loving tongue! He was the best bed warmer, the best tear washer, and overall, just the best friend that anyone could ask for. He will never be forgotten. And his legacy lives on with his boys. Moby studded one litter before he died. The boys are spitting images of their father. Everything Moby was and more.

    "Moby's Carbon Copy", Carbon, 11/19/02-09/13/03, Carbon was Moby's son, and his best friend. After we brought Carbon home, they were in separable. They did everything together (Greta was a bit bent of shape). Carbon was one of those sons of Moby that I was talking about. Everything and more.
    Carbon was a water fre ak. He would jump in the shower with me every morning (strange, I know) as well as jump in his pool every chance he had so he could come into the house soaking wet. This dog was a power house. He could out swim his father when he was 7 months old. Carbon, too, was trained in obedience. That dog was smart. Best of class (and he could hold a stand!), he scored 199.5 out of 200 for his test. I had plans for this dog. But mostly Carbon was my spoiled rotten baby. More so than the others because he had a fre ak accident when he was 8-9 weeks old and fell off of the bed and was partially paralyzed. Such a scary thing to deal with but Carbon made a full recovery.

    Moby and Carbon were both taken from us on a horrible night, September 13, 2003. They escaped the yard, chasing a cat. After searching for over 5 hours, they were both found hit by a car very close to our house. They were on their way home and never made it. Honestly, I have to say, it rates as the worst day of my life. I have been through a lot in the last couple of years, and nothing compares to losing my two dearest friends.

    I love them both so much and they will never be forgotten.

    Until we meet again!

    Your momma and Greta
    See Jacob grow

    Missed Greatly, Forever Remembered. In memory of my lost ones; Moby (9/13/03), Carbon (09/13/03), Tanner (10/16/05), Aries (07/31/07) and Millie (09/25/07).

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    I can't read these memorials,although i know i will have to make one for some of my special dogs!!!Thankyou for spreading on the memory of your beloved dogs!
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    That is a great piccie - and big hugs to you.

    Maddy looks just like Carbon!!!
    A Lab and two Border Collies - can it get any better than this......

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    such beauties!
    Come on, lets dance!

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