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Thread: Hector - Great Pyreneess

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    Hector - Great Pyreneess

    This is Hector..he is a regular at our dog park. Poor Hector has food aggression, people aggression, car aggression, doens't like all dogs and he's not fond of airplanes, the moon. Am I drawing you a good picture?

    He also has some hip discomfort. His owner is the nicest man which makes the fact that Hector is sometimes explosive so hard. Don (Hector's daddy) has had help from trainers and behavorists but to me, his corrections always seem to make Hector angrier.

    Lately I've been trying to re-direct Hector's attention to me (he likes me) when he starts to act up. I can tell you I've had wonderful success. He has come to me when called vs barking like a crazy dog until put on a leash. He's stopped a full charge accross the field to come back for a cookie. We were even joking about changing his name to cookie.

    I'm sharing this because it reaffirms my belief that dogs want to please us. These big guys (Hector is at least 3 inchs bigger than Ariel) do better with redirection than correction. Ariel has always responded better to praise than correction.
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    Pyreneeses are so pretty.

    Good job, Dax.
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    Keep up the good work Dax
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    Pretty dog. Good work with him Dax. I think sometimes trainers forget that every dog is different. Some need strict correction, some just need more positive attention, others redirection, and some just need more structure in their lives. If they "prescribe" one method and it doesn't help, or even makes it worse, then the prescription needs to be changed. He's lucky to have you there to help him out.

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    Good job Dax, I bet Hector and his daddy appreciate your help. He is a pretty boy!

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    Great job Dax, I agree with you, you have to do what works. Our trainer is also a believer in the theory that dogs want to please - what you have done with Hector just reinforces that. BTW he is a very handsome boy.
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