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Thread: My dog eats ticks

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    We are having a terrible tick problem this year. I have a 6 yr old Toy Poodle female who stays inside but when she goes out to potty, she comes back in with 10 to 20 ticks crawling on her in just 2 minutes time outside. So we have this ritual of going potty for 2 minutes followed by 10 minutes of tick searching and removal. Afterwards I have noticed her chewing her feet for a time followed by what looks like her chewing and swallowing something, then today, I was holding her and a tick crawled across my arm, I saw it at the same time she saw it and she immediately grabbed it and ate it. Now I know what when fleas are ingested they cause tapeworms but I have never seen any reference to what, if any problems eating a tick will cause. So that is my question, Will eating ticks cause any problems for her, parasites etc.. Thank you in advance.

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    YUCK!!! Ticks can't taste that good...I'm not really sure what eating a tick can do to her but it can't be healthy..I'm sorry I can't be of more help...Your vet will usually answer that question over the telephone...Call him/her
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    I don't believe that ticks can survive thru the stomach to cause your pet any harm. It's unlikely that it's about taste but the dog's way of eliminating at least one pest permanently.

    I would check with the local "BUG N U T S" in your area's university about the specific tick just to be sure.

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