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Thread: Update on picking a chessie!

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    Update on picking a chessie! was a hard decision, but I made my choice.

    Thanks for everyone's input. I really appreciate your expertise on the subject.

    The puppy I chose was actually neither of the girls.

    There was one that was smaller than the rest - I guess she was pushed away from mamma by the rest of the litter. The owner said she needed looking after for the next couple of weeks to see that she gets the proper nurishment. So I didn't bother even looking at her b/c from the way she was describing her, I thought she was going to be a runt.

    Anyways she will be 8 weeks weds. and has almost caught up with the rest of the bunch. As a result, she has received the most attention out of all the pups and she appears to be the most solid, hard core retriever of the girls - which is mostly what I want. The owner says the other two are silly, fun pups, not a go getter like the smaller one.

    Now she's not super wavy, but her coat will change over time and will become somewhat wavy - she will never be super wavy like a lot of chessies you see out there.

    Here are the pics. She is the lightest one in the pics.

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    Sorry but your pictures didn't load. Can't wait to meet her. What's her name?

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    ok, here are the pics:

    The sire:

    DaxAriel, I am having trouble with loading the pup pic. so please bare with me
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    Well the sire is one stunning boy! Can't wait to see the little pup you picked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip's Girl
    Well the sire is one stunning boy!
    WOW he sure is! What breed is that? Looks awesome.
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    eXile- it is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. They look like chocolate labs with curly coats, IMO.

    The sire is stunny. Can't wait to see the pup. I can tell you are happy with your decision. Good for you. Picking one pup out of a whole litter is so challenging! I bet you are waiting patiently to get her
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    oh, man. I am totally thrilled to get her. It really was a tough decision b/c the litter was so pretty. I have waited for 7 weeks and now its just a few more days.

    ok, here's the girl. IMO she looks most like daddy. While she is not nearly as wavy as I would like, she does appear to have the most retriever potential of the bunch.
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    What a Cutie.
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    Thanks. I haven't had a female pup/dog in prob. 10 years. Moo, your little pooch in your window is totally adorable with it's "kiss me" sign!

    DaxAriel, thanks for posting his pic. You are very thoughtful.

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