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Thread: Blue Heeler questions

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    Blue Heeler questions

    I've recently become the proud owner of a Queensland Blue Heeler. He about 11 weeks old. A great little guy. But here is my main question. At 10 weeks, he got some sort of parasitic infection in, according to our vet, in the glands in his jaw. We now have it under control. But has anyone else had any problems with this? This is my first post and I am just learning this forum. If anybody has any tips or suggestions, I would appreciate any help ya'll can give. Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, I don't have any experience with that but I did want to welcome you to the forum. I hope you will share this experience with us as well as some pictures of your little darling. What were the symptoms that alerted you to a problem?

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    He became very listless and his nose was very warm. He didn't want to eat and had a slight discharge from his eyes. He also didn't want to eat or drink anything. So it was diagnosed by the vet from blood work. I'll include some pictures when I figure out how to use this forum a little better. But thanks for the welcome.

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