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Thread: How Do I Start Breeding My Chow?

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    How Do I Start Breeding My Chow?

    Hi I Have An Unregistered Purebred Fawn Colored Chow And His Name Is Kieko. He Is Getting Unrully And Needs To Mate. How Do I Go About It And What Can I Charge?

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    okay, whatever. why don't you just neuter him? that is all I have to say to this message
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    You are going to get a lot of "why do you want to breed him" responses. In my opinion I don't think you could or should charge anything. Your dog is unregistered and likely unproven.

    Your best bet for the "Unrulyness" is to neuter him. Mating will not make him calmer or a better pet but worse. My two cents for what they are worth.

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    Agree with prior posts. Do you have a place for all these puppies in the worst case scenario that you dont sell them? Not alot of people are going to buy a puppy from 2 unproven parents unless you sell extremely cheap. I got lucky, i got my lab for 350 or 375 ( i forgot:P) but at the same time i took the risk. Usually labs are very expensive. Chows arent a very "desirable" breed at the moment so i think its best you just not breed him. Get him neutered, it also decreases alot of health risks.
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    Yeah.. The easiest thing is to get him neutered. It will make him calm down and reduce alot of health problems.

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    Misinformed and uneducated advise I would say, I go with everyone here, sorry to tell you.

    Unruley you have now, more unruley you will have after mating, that will from then on be his primary mate. He will mark everything in sight.

    Good training, spending a lot more time with him and education on your part about breeding dogs will set you right.

    Oh and the only money I would part with is for obedience training for you to attend.

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    "He is getting unruly and NEEDS to mate?"

    I'm going to cross my fingers and say that you're kidding.
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    Oohh I am leaving this thread RIGHT NOW.. Not only are you acting like an irresponsible owner/breeder but you are planning to add unwanted pups to one of my heart breeds.
    Neuter him and TRAIN him. that's all I'll say..

    *leaves this thread very quickly*

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    Quote Originally Posted by EROSTONY
    Hi I Have An Unregistered Purebred Fawn Colored Chow And His Name Is Kieko. He Is Getting Unrully And Needs To Mate. How Do I Go About It And What Can I Charge?
    Why do you want to bred a unregistered dog?

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    Why do u want to breed?What do u know about breeding?

    For your benefit,and your dogs and the puppies he could produce.i would highly suggest getting him altered.If you have an unruly male BEFORE breeding, u will have an even MORE unruly male after.And it could be genetic,which would mean he could pass on unruly behaviours onto his pups,along with health issues,which could be minor defects as probable as it would be MAJOR defects.

    Breeding a dog,whether unregisterd or registerd,takes alot of study and knowledge from devoted time and research.Before breeding your "stud", tests need to be taken on him [which could get exstensive and/or exspensive],as well,as a number of other things.Going about lending out a "stud",without the large knowledge it takes could result in the death of your dog,from infectious disease exc,or hurt and damage the female you intend to breed him to.It takes so much more than just letting your big chow male,in with a nice chow female,to "do their thing"!!!

    Please,don't feel like you are being negativly cornerd,but i would highly suggest altering your male.
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